2016 in Review

See how each of our issuers performed

By Brayden Sutton

What a year it’s been for Capital Events!  I had the pleasure of attending all of the shows this year myself, and I’d like to bring you a quick recap on their behalf.  Moving forward, you’ll hear from CEM on a quarterly basis, with a summary similar to this one so that you can track the performance of each and every one of their shows.  It is so important to follow up with each meeting you get on either side, this will just remind you why. (All conference performance trackers are listed in links below, we highly recommend you save the links so that you can follow each issuer from 2016’s events at anytime)
From Nassau Bahamas, to Whistler, BC, Scottsdale, AZ, Montreal, QC, Kelowna, BC, Niagara on the Lake, ON, and finally West Palm Beach, FL, Capital Events covered a lot of ground this year with some of the best people in the business and some of the most promising young companies in our space.  Many of which greatly outperformed all of the major indexes for the year.  Some of the top gainers in Canada this year pitched our vetted, invite-only attendees, presenting some incredible opportunities – many north of 300% inside the year from the show to date.

AlphaNorth Capital Conference

The AlphaNorth Capital Conference in January of this year in Nassau Bahamas, made possible by Steve Palmer of Alpha North Asset Management was a hugely successful show which put 43 phenomenal investment opportunities in front of the who’s-who in Canadian Finance.  Being there this year was a huge privilege:  Canopy Growth for example, is up a jaw-dropping 320% since presenting at the Capital Events Bahamas show.  CGC continues to reach incredible milestones and lock in their value with a recent world-record bought deal of over $60 million.  Sold, I’m told, in mere hours.

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