Canadian & US Investors

  • “I usually see 10 to 12 companies in a week to meet management but at the conference I saw 18 in one day and a few others during conference events.  It was great to see that many  in a nice environment and be able to hook up with them over a few days.”

    Black Diamond Advisors New York, NY
  • “High quality companies, superb conference.”

    Raymond James Ltd. Vancouver, BC
  • “Very well-organized event that was worthwhile to attend. I also appreciate the insight that is provided after the fact in terms of investor feedback.”

    Raymond James Ltd. Vancouver, BC
  • "Far and away the best conference format going today. The opportunity to individually meet and network with a broad range of public companies and industry professionals is unparalleled. Dynamic, fun and innovative. Top marks to the Capital Event Management team for developing the evolution of the investment conference."

    PI Financial Corp. Vancouver, BC
  • “The one-on-one meeting format provides an excellent opportunity to question businesses about financials, business and revenue models, competitors and competitive advantage and other important issues while having their undivided attention.”

    Private Investor
  • “Always a valuable and enjoyable meeting, for catching up with old friends and invested companies as well as meeting new, and (routinely) learning a lot!”

    ECS Capital Partners Bar Harbor, ME
  • “This is very beneficial, considering that CEOs and Directors are usually very busy. This event gives you the chance to chat with management one on one in a laid-back environment.”

    Investment Advisor Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management Corp., Vancouver, BC
  • “A very well organized event, informative, good quality companies - a must go to event for anyone interested in small cap investments.”

    BMO Nesbitt Burns Toronto, ON
  • “Great couple of days spent reviewing new investment opportunities in a well structured format. The conference provides an easy way to network and build relationships with a high quality of professionals. A lot of fun and beneficial for both issuer and investor side.”

    PI Financial Vancouver, BC
  • “I attended the Lake Okanagan capital conference last July and found the companies that presented were incredibly diverse. From clean energy to emerging life sciences to technology to minerals. It was a day of intense meetings with CEOs, CFOs, and CMOs digesting as much information as possible. The benefit of the capital conference as an investor is I choose the companies I want to follow up with and possibly invest in. The Capital conference gives you access to C level executives of publicly traded companies from a variety of industries. On the activity side, the events planned are first class. I had a great day at the Harvest Golf Course and even more impressive was the unplanned event the Capital Conference supported such as the Billy Idol concert in Kelowna, B.C. All in all best weekend of my summer.”

    Hilltop Securities San Francisco, CA
  • "I found the conference a very rewarding investment of my time. The format was a very efficient "get to the point" and move on. I have several companies to follow up and add to my list of resource holdings - the company line up was impressive. I appreciate this speed dating style and highly recommend it to advisors interested in introductions to the resource market. The conference was well organized at a fabulous resort setting; Great job - Thank you for the opportunity."

    National Bank Financial Ottawa, ON
  • “The format was intense; the venue was pleasant and efficient; the interaction between issuer and investor was a meaningful use of time; and the conference was well managed and worthwhile.”

    EastCo Capital Management West Palm Beach, FL
  • “Every time I attend the Capital Events conference, I find lucrative ideas and breakthroughs. They have everything from: devices to protect you from electromagnetic waves and radiation to cancer and remedies and tech applications. This is where good dreams happen.”

    Treegrove Investment Management Inc. Toronto, ON
  • “This was fast paced and intense.  It was a great opportunity to meet companies one on one.  And a great opportunity to talk with fellow investors and exchange ideas. Wonderful meeting.”

    HNW Investor West Palm Beach, FL
  • “I was really impressed with the selection of companies and quality of opportunities presented. The format was well thought out and had the right mix of meetings with social participation.”

    Investment Advisor Ascenta Finance Corp., Vancouver, BC
  • “Power packed day of seeing 16 companies, many of which are new to us.”

    High Net Worth Investor
  • “What a fantastic conference, met many good companies and great people.”

    Investment Advisor Park Ave Capital Inc. NYC
  • “The caliber of entrepreneurs and their companies attending Capital Event Conference Events are first rate. I highly recommend these events.”

    Investment Advisor Raymond James, Vancouver, BC
  • “As an attendee of this conference 4 years in a row, it is hands down my favorite small cap conference of the year. The venue and quality of companies continues to be of the highest quality each year. I plan on attending in 2018!”

    Industrial Alliance Securities Ottawa, ON
  • “The Whistler conference transcends the typical networking experience and becomes an opportunity to build long-term relationships with extremely qualified individuals. The Capital Events team are true professionals and it shows.”

    Mackie Research Capital Corp. Vancouver, BC
  • “Great event. Great City. Great hosts. Great Opportunities.”

    Investment Advisor Hampton Securities Ltd. Toronto, ON
  • “The conference had an excellent selection of investment opportunities and was run with outstanding attention to details. A must-attend venue for any serious investor interested in undiscovered value.”

    Seaside 88 Capital, LLC Juno Beach, FL
  • "The Capital Event Conferences have been an integral part of our investor relations strategy for many years and I still consider it the best conference to create relationships with relevant investors, drive liquidity and raise capital for our clients. Time and time again we find buying, funds and new shareholders at these conferences that may never have been reached without these shows."
    Kin Communications Inc. Vancouver, BC
  • "Thanks for including in this great event (AlphaNorth Capital Conference). The presenting companies were excellent, and the organization of the conference was handled extremely well. Hope to see everyone again at the next one!”

    Liberty North Capital Corp. Toronto, ON
  • “Your events are well managed and organized and it lets me  get a detailed presentation and/or update without the pain of a "trade-show" format.”

    Leede Jones Gable Vancouver, BC
  • “I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I have been on many mutual fund events, but never one in which I was meeting the company representatives directly, and be able to talk directly with them, share their enthusiasm in their projects and learn so much from some very innovative and results-driven people. The event was indeed an eye opener, and my take-away was about 5-6 companies in which I would like to delve deeper for the investment opportunities they represent for my clients. Thank you so much for the opportunity to attend the conference and for being such a good host!”

    BMO Nesbitt Burns
  • “The 20 minute "speed dating" format allowed me to easily see 18 issuers over the course of one day, and was surprisingly effective.”

    Carter, Terry & Company, Inc. Atlanta, GA
  • ‘These events just keep getting better and better. The format can't be beat! I always finish these conferences with investing ideas and great new contacts!’

    Richardson GMP Ltd. Toronto, ON
  • “A great format - Probably the best of the one to one conferences”

    Leede Jones Gable, Inc. Vancouver, BC
  • “Great conference to meet the leadership in the companies I invest in personally, I do most of my investment due diligence online but to talk to individuals in person is invaluable.”

    Private Investor
  • “I have been to dozens of investment conferences hosted by various institutions and none can match the quality of issuers in the rooms you fill. Accompanied by the rapid fire 1x1 meeting it makes for a productive and fun filled weekend.”

    Dorado Investments Chicago, IL
  • “The quality and caliber of the Companies is first rate with real investable intellectual capital and visible growth.”

    Raymond James Ltd. Toronto, ON
  • “The Whistler Capital Conference allowed me to view 18 companies quite closely in one day.  The ability to meet face to face and discuss candidly allows me to feel comfortable in investing further.”

    Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management Vancouver, BC
  • “Excellent opportunity to meet early stage private and public companies which offer tremendous investment potential.”

    Investment Advisor Novadan Capital Ltd., Toronto, ON
  • “Best part of the conference is finding out what management teams are aligned with shareholders and sitting across the table and being able to ask any questions that open up the potential for maximizing shareholder value.”

    Private Investor
  • “I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of companies I met with... real actionable ideas. The event provided a rapid fire day of one on one meetings. The sponsors work hard and it shows. Several warranted follow-up and may become candidates for investment.”

    Greystone Asset Management LLC New York, NY
  • ‘This event had quality companies that I could potentially invest in. I look forward to presenting these opportunities to my clients.’

    Mackie Research Capital Corp.
  • Two issuers that I purchased from my last event with CEM tripled my money and I am now up multiple six figures and look forward to finding many more opportunity in events to come.

    Chris Crupi Private Investor
  • “An excellent conference to discover and meet new companies & ideas as well as sharing and meeting up existing, as well as new colleagues and fellow investors.”

    Commercium Group Ltd. Toronto, ON
  • “A great venue to get new ideas and network with others in the industry.”

    Canaccord Genuity Corp. Vancouver, BC
  • “The Bahamas conference was by far the best investment conference I have attended, with a wide range of non resource and innovative companies it has tooled me with great investment opportunities for my clients.”

    PI Financial Corp. Vancouver, BC
  • “Best way to meet issuers and have a meaningful opening discussion with management. I have financed more than one issuer met at these conferences.”

    Leede Jones Gable Montreal, QC
  • “Capital Event presented a very worthwhile conference that was well organized and executed. The format enabled me to have personal contact with many interesting companies.”

    Klima Investment Advisory, LLC Boca Raton, FL
  • “A great way to meeting the top entrepreneurs in Canada.”

    Investment Advisor Richardson GMP. Toronto, ON
  •  “Best Conference yet! The change of Venue to the Baha Mar in Nassau was a refreshing and welcome addition. Fantastic line up of companies as well with plenty to choose from. Congrats to the CEM team for another successful event. I will continue to recommend and endorse your events in the future”

    Industrial Alliance Securities, Inc. Nepean, ON
  • “Another phenomenal conference. One of the most worthwhile conferences I have been to. The sheer number, and variety of companies presenting makes this event so interesting. The one on one meeting arrangement is the best way to meet these companies in a time sensitive matter.”

    Mackie Research Capital Toronto, ON
  • “A fabulous and efficient opportunity to get to know new companies and their management teams, both of which are critical to success.”

    RPS Capital investments Coral Gables, FL
  • “A great opportunity to interact with a diverse community of small cap investors, and become acquainted with a range of interesting issuers, many of which I was previously unaware of, in a terrific format that facilitated dialogue.”

    Ollerhead Capital Toronto, ON
  • “Your last conference made me and my clients money.”

    First Securities Northwest Portland, OR
  • “This Whistler CEM event yielded the best trading ideas of any of the conferences I have done. I had 18 scheduled meetings and 4 unscheduled meetings and I came out with 12 buy ideas.  Well worth my time to travel cross country!”

    Richardson GMP Kitchener, ON
  • “The conference was well organized from Friday to finish. Helped to make a lot of new contacts. Over the past 30 years I have been to many events this one was one of the best. All the staff from the office to the event were very helpful.”

    Private Investor Hartford, CT
  • This was an incredible conference with entrepreneurs who were passionate about their companies and they were inclusive and willing to share their vision and insight. I got some great ideas and met some fantastic people.”

    Investment Advisor CIBC Wood Gundy, Toronto, ON
  • I had the opportunity to attend the Bahamas and Kelowna conferences with Capital Event Management in 2014. I was very impressed with the format and the quality of companies who were showcased during the event. I have purchased stock in several companies featured at the events and completed a large financing for one as well. I plan on attending many more in the future.

    Industrial Alliance Ottawa, ON
  • “The Capital Event Management conference consistently introduces us to top-quality investment stories in a format that is efficient and enjoyable. I always come home with a handful of great ideas that tick all the right boxes for my investors.”

    Red Plug Capital
  • “What a great use of time to meet interesting companies and like-minded investors.”

    Investment Advisor Novadan Capital Ltd., Toronto, ON
  • “Young companies are the foundation of tomorrow's economy. They deserve our attention.”

    Echelon Wealth Partners Inc. Montreal, QC
  • “Very worthwhile - each time I have reconnected with, or met, new and interesting companies and entrepreneurs.  Investments have resulted!  Highly recommended!!”

    ECS Capital Partners Bar Harbor, ME
  • “Great Event, Worth my time, Great exposure to a number and range of good companies and stories. I will invest in some for sure.”

    High Net Worth Investor
  • “Best way to meet a lot of deals in a short time. Very good use of my time.”

    Investment Advisor Leede Jones Gable Inc., Vancouver, BC
  • “The Capital Events Conference weekend is always a very professionally run, informative, easy networking event, that really mixes it up to allow one to fully get to know key players for companies of interest as well a great way to introduce ones that an investor may not have run across otherwise, Bravo all!”

    PI Financial Corp. Vancouver, BC
  • “The ability to meet 20+ quality companies in one weekend makes CEM Conferences an invaluable experience. Sharing ideas with like-minded investors at the conference is equally beneficial. Looking forward to the next one!”

    Hydra Capital Partners Inc. Toronto, ON
  • "I got a month worth of meetings in a day. I thought the variety of companies was worthwhile and the quick one-on-one were to the point and enough time to get the information needed to see if the opportunity was worth pursuing further."

    Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management Vancouver, BC
  • “You always come away with several new investment ideas, and there is no better way to get a feel for a company than meeting face to face.”

    Investment Advisor PI Financial, Vancouver, BC
  • "If you don't attend one of these conferences you are truly not doing your clients a favour.”

    Gravitas Securities Inc. Toronto, ON
  • Capital Event Conferences always lead me to new deals. Recently at the Okanagan Capital Conference in July, I finally met a company in person I wanted to meet and it lead to a million dollar order from my clients into their financing a few weeks later. These conferences have helped grow my business and it seems I find opportunities at every one I attend.

    Investment Advisor Industrial Alliance Securites
  • “This was my 2nd Okanagan Capital Conference and I love the format. Great venue, well run and a good mix of companies. Well worth the drive from Vancouver.”

    PI Financial Corp Vancouver, BC
  • “I was impressed with another fine conference in Whistler. The diversity of the companies makes it truly a "must attend" conference for anyone who delves in the small cap space.”

    Canaccord Genuity Corp. Vancouver, BC
  • “The quality of companies is exceptional and the one-on-one meetings are personal and sufficient to get a great understanding of the new investment opportunities.  I've since followed up with the companies to learn more and have successfully invested in them.”

    CIBC Wood Gundy Toronto, ON
  • “Great Conference! A chance to be one on one with management!”

    Richardson GMP Montreal, QC
  • “The AlphaNorth Capital Conference was a great success.  The turnout was very impressive especially considering it was the first year.  There was a wide array of various companies from innovative IP to proven revenue companies.  The one stop shop opportunity of meeting over 20+ companies is effective and the social events around the presentation day provides an opportunity to begin a longer due diligence process.  The ability to meet with my colleagues who came from Europe, Bahamas, West Coast and East Coast of Canada is an additional bonus.  I look forward to next year. ”

    Haywood Securities Inc. Vancouver, BC
  • “A professionally organized event that provides great value to investors and presenters by setting up a format to have individual meetings. A nice change from typical conferences.”

    Haywood Securities Inc. Calgary, AB
  • “Exceptionally well organized conference offering a rare opportunity to meet directly with management. Concentrated participation of 36 companies made it a very well worth spent time learning about possible investments. The choice of companies representing variety of sectors provided a valuable insight. In summary, the quality of the conference was outstanding in the whole spectrum from the merits to great organizers.”

    Investment Advisor Leede Jones Gable Inc., Vancouver, BC
  • “The Whistler Capital Conference allows us to educate ourselves in an efficient manner. You meet some new companies or deepen the relationship with existing ones in a fast-comfortable setting.”

    Investment Advisor Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management, Vancouver, BC
  • “Great conference and location. Everything was very well organized and communicated.”

    Investment Advisor Echelon Wealth Partners, Toronto, ON
  • “This conference provides an excellent avenue for learning about new companies and industries while at the same time networking with professionals.”

    Stone Asset Management Toronto, ON
  • “If you’re raising money, don’t waste your time setting up a booth, where there’s 500 other booths, and wait for someone to walk by. I’ve always been an advocate of the one-on-one format of these conferences. Then you also get to have lunch, dinner, and network with them outside the meetings and follow up. Getting them to know you as a person will pay off.”

    Trilogy Metals Vancouver, BC
  • “Extremely well organized; in such a tough environment I think the dynamic format kept all participants engaged and the time spent was worthwhile.  Generally the quality of companies attending was excellent and the presentations were good overall.  I was pleasantly surprised by who attended on both company side and financing side.”

    Canaccord Wealth Management Calgary, AB
  • “The format of this event is by far the most effective for both issuers and investors to development in-depth business relations in a time-efficient way. I would encourage issuers to participate in to reach out to investment community.”

    Investment Advisor Mackie Research, Vancouver, BC
  • “Really pleased with the companies I met. Good format. Met with companies I wouldn't otherwise have looked at.”

    PI Financial Corp. Vancouver, BC
  • “Through the Capital Event Conferences I have been able to meet many different issuers that I was not aware of previously. The one-on-one format allows the investor to have the undivided attention of the issuer so they can focus on what metrics are important to them. These conferences have become a necessary part of idea generation and networking for our company.”

    AlphaNorth Asset Management Toronto, ON
  • "In my view, the Okanagan Capital Conference was a great success. I was impressed by the quality of the presenting companies, loved the format, and was so pleased to see the evidence of growing interest in non-resource small and microcap companies. For a conference like this, one of the most important litmus tests of success is whether some of the presenting companies were able to raise capital as a direct result of their attendance at the company; I am aware of at least 3 companies who have experienced this success, including 2 that I invested in following the conference."

    Roadmap Capital Toronto, ON
  • “I believe it is the best way to hear new stories and keep abreast of venture capital trends in a time efficient manner.”

    Investment Advisor Leede Jones Gable Inc., Vancouver, BC
  • “It is a really well organized event providing advisors and investors with a unique opportunity to hear from management teams directly one-on-one.”

    Gravitas Securities Toronto, ON
  • “An unforgettable meeting, I saw a lot of companies that interested me, and provided a good platform for my investment.”

    Shenzhen Qindao Capital Management Co.,Ltd. Shenzen, China
  • “This was my first event and it was the same for a number of veteran brokers who attended. No one knew the other was going to be there. This year's list of presenters was a great mix and very timely.”

    CIBC Wood Gundy Kelowna, BC
  • “I found the format relaxing and rewarding. We met the exhibitors at first socially and then in a business situation the next day. I also like the third day of fun and continued discussion with the top people of the presenting companies.”

    Goldman Lass Associates Yonkers, NY
  • “Your highly qualified executives are passionate about their businesses and are willing to share their knowledge with you. I've had better mentorship in a few days from your participants than I've received in most of my career.  Thank you for this, alone. It's a valuable experience and it provides exposure to the entrepreneurial spirit in Canada-- which is alive and well.  Your conference showcases the best aspects of the Canadian Venture Capital culture.  I highly recommend it.”

    CIBC Wood Gundy Toronto, ON
  • “It was a pleasure to attend the inaugural AlphaNorth Capital conference hosted in the Bahamas.  The conference was organized from start to finish to ensure maximum networking opportunities between corporate issuer and the finance delegates.  The line-up of companies that presented at the conference were very high quality with excellent business and investment prospects.   Making the decision to attend the conference was the right decision as I came back with new contacts and many new ideas for investment.  Will return!”

    Richardson GMP Ltd. Toronto, ON
  • “This was my first time attending a Capital Event Conference and I was blown away by the quality of both issuers and investors in attendance. Very well organized and designed for both parties to get the most out of the event - only question I left with was when is the next conference!”

    Haywood Securities Inc. Vancouver, BC
  • “As described often, speed dating with 15+ venture companies. Excellent way to understand many companies at once and get a real comparative view. The interview day is packed, a bit overwhelming, but very worthwhile.”

    Investment Advisor Industrial Alliance Securities Inc., Montreal, QC
  • “The conference is an excellent way to get to know the companies presenting. The 20 minute pitch is succinct and informational. The social events allow for more thorough analysis and/or networking opportunities.”

    Stone Asset Management Ltd. Toronto, ON
  • “The AlphaNorth Small Cap Conference in the Bahamas is a well-run, interesting conference because to the range and depth of the companies and Investors who attend.”

    Caldwell Securities Toronto, ON
  • “Fresh ideas from growing corporations! Immediate upside and longer term opportunities.  Great resort (Phoenician) and food.”

    Pacific Coast Wealth Management Orange County, CA
  • “Highly organised and well run event at great locations. Time is efficiently utilized, where both issuers and investors are served effectively.”

    Mackie Research Capital Toronto, ON
  • “Each issuer had something important to convey, and the presentations were tight.  The companies that made a valuation case for their shares came across particularly well.  The conference was well organized and ran smoothly, with plenty of time for informal conversations with both the issuers and the investors.”

    Seaside 88 Advisors, LLC Juno Beach, FL
  • “I just wanted to congratulate you on an amazing event. Everything was 1st class and the energy and chemistry were extremely positive.  All the companies were exciting stories and I felt the investors came away with many new investment ideas.”

    PowerOne Capital Markets Limited Toronto, ON
  • “If not for this conference, very few of the companies who present at the conference would ever make it on to my radar.  I would not have given them the time!”

    Echelon Wealth Partners Inc. Montreal, QC
  • “Very well organized conference with great opportunities to network with people you met to solidify understandings as well as exhibitors whom were not met during the one on one.”

    High Net Worth Investor
  • “This was my third conference with CEM and it was excellent.  As in previous years, I came away with some fresh new investment ideas and a clear picture of which sectors are the acting vanguards in the small cap space.  In addition, I made some solid contacts with substantial people that are welcome additions to my business network. On the organizational level, CEM did an outstanding job, they had the conference running with the seamless precision of a Swiss watch, well done CEM!

    TD Wealth London, ON
  • “In a world of robo advisers where advisers and investors  are being herded away from individual stock picking ( especially micro caps ) by the banks and regulators it's refreshing to spend time with entrepreneurial management teams and prudent speculators. Long live venture investing.”

    Gravitas Financial Toronto, ON
  • “I had a real good time meeting the companies and the principals running them, Very friendly and casual atmosphere I find this format to be a very usefull tool in disecting the companies and the principals behind them.”

    Chippingham Financial Group Montreal, QC
  • “I was skeptical at first, but I stand corrected about the quality of companies i met. This was indeed time well spent.”

    Echelon Wealth Partners, Inc. Montreal, QC
  • “I thought the conference was very well organized. The 20 minute format give us enough time to gauge a company. Time and schedules are adhered to. The social events were also well organized and a lot of fun.”

    Stone Asset Management Toronto, ON
  • “One of the most organized professional conferences I have had the pleasure to be a part of. The group did a great job by inviting qualified companies and professionals; Be ready, Be organized and DO YOUR HOMEWORK… If you take the time to prepare, the event will exceed your expectations”

    Richardson GMP Vancouver, BC
  • “First time here and the week-end was well planned and great into making new relations for possible investing into small cap names. Many thanks to all the CE team.”

    Hollis Wealth Quebec City, QC
  • “Great event for advisors looking to find new investment ideas, the one on ones give you an opportunity to feel out which companies may be an investment choice for you and your clients.”

    PI Financial Corp Vancouver, BC
  • “Another great conference, where again I left with immediate buy ideas, new contacts and many new and interesting companies to discuss with my clients. Thank you CEM!”

    GMP Richardson Kitchener, ON
  • “I LOVE these conferences, almost always finding investment-worthy companies, learning new material, making or renewing relationships, etc.”

    Investment Advisor ECS Capital Partners. Bar Harbor, ME
  • “The absolute best, most productive conference format possible.”

    Richardson GMP Kitchener ON
  • “The weekend is a first class event in every respect. Each and every member of the Capital Event Management team was helpful and well organized. The presenting companies were very interesting and I would encourage anyone in the investment community looking to profit to attend. “

    BMO Nesbitt Burns Toronto, ON
  • “This is a great format. In one day, I meet many companies one on one and usually a few more at social events.”

    Investment Advisor Brant Securities Ltd., Toronto, ON
  • “Innovative and fresh, this event allows me to do a lot of networking in a very short period of time, what normally takes me months to do I can get done in a day and a half.”

    PI Financial Corp Victoria, BC
  • “I always look forward to attending the AlphaNorth Capital Conference. It is a great way to meet and explore a number of potential investments over a short period of time. The format lends itself to easy introductions and follow up throughout the conference and the event team makes sure the time spent is not only enjoyable but very productive. I would highly recommend this conference.”

    CIBC Wood Gundy Toronto, ON
  • “The Capital Event Conferences will be one of the better conferences that you will attend. The AlphaNorth Capital Conference was run professionally and the attendees were varied & enthusiastic . I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend anyone to attend these conferences.”

    National Bank Financial Toronto, ON
  • “Another well run and stress free conference.”

    Investment Advisor Leede Jones Gable Inc., Vancouver, BC
  • “Wonderful event - always well done and worthwhile!”

    Investment Advisor ECS Capital Partners. Bar Harbor, ME
  • “Through this conference, Alpha North provides the opportunity to meet and perform management and corporate vision assessments in a efficient manner.”

    DMAC Group Inc. Ottawa, ON
  • “I thoroughly enjoyed the conference and particularly liked how focused the conference was. The ability to meet and “interview” 18 companies was excellent as was the ability to network with other investors and issuers.”

    Investment Advisor Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management. Vancouver, BC
  •  “My 5th conference.  Tremendous selection of interesting companies.  Hard not to find good opportunities if you do your homework.”

    Scotia Wealth Management. Toronto, ON
  • ‘An excellent event with a range of interesting issuers, all of whom were advancing very real businesses. Direct investable opportunities came out of this conference.’

    Euro Pacific Capital Inc.
  • “Fifth year in a row...always find a few gems. Well run & many interesting companies. See you next year!”

    Scotia Wealth Management Toronto, ON
  • “My first experience at a conference of this type, and very positive. Good format and efficient scheduling - a well-run event overall.”

    Investment Advisor Mackie Research Capital Corp., Toronto, ON
  • “This conference was exceptionally organized, classy and informative. Finding the right companies on the venture exchange is a difficult task and having the opportunity to visit with the executives and founders of the organizations all at once makes the process so much more efficient. I got many new ideas and have seen many opportunities that I look forward to exploring further. I would return and highly recommend this conference for investors.”

    National Bank Financial Toronto ON
  • “Another very successful conference, quality of issuers and attendees just keeps getting better each time!”

    Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management Corp. Kitchener, ON
  • “The conference was my first and very well organized. I will likely be an investor in a couple of them if all goes well.”

    High Net Worth Investor
  • “My third event all great from beginning to end I have had a hard time picking from many great companies that have attended the events.”

    High Net Worth Investor
  • “Great energy.  Very constructive use of my time.  I came away impressed with the due diligence work of Capital Events in selecting both presenters and Investors.  Highly recommended.”

    Echelon Wealth Partners Toronto, ON
  • “I thought the conference was well organized.  20min with 20 companies is just enough time to learn about a company and whether or not a second, longer, follow up conversation is warranted.  The one-on-one meetings allow you to direct the conversation where you want it to go and get your questions answered.  It was also a pleasure networking with other industry professionals.”

    Sprott Global Resource Investments San Diego, CA
  • “The face-to-face format proves its effectiveness in identifying mutual benefits. I am able to deliver valuable information to my retail clients immediately.”

    Mackie Research Capital Vancouver, BC
  • “I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I have been on many mutual fund events, but never one in which I was meeting the company representatives directly, and be able to talk directly with them, share their enthusiasm in their projects and learn so much from some very innovative and results-driven people.  The event was indeed an eye opener, and my take-away was about 5-6 companies in which I would like to delve deeper for the investment opportunities they represent for my clients. Thank you so much for the opportunity to attend the conference and for being such a good host!”

    BMO Nesbitt Burns Vancouver, BC
  • “It was a great way to meet several companies in a short amount of time. The conference provides a fantastic atmosphere of professional and social interaction.”

    Nelson Securities Spokane, WA
  • “A great way to "speed date" 20 companies with lots of unscheduled opportunities (night before reception, lunch, dinner) to meet with corporate executives.”

    Selective Asset Management Toronto, ON
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