Muskoka Capital Investment Conference

September 25-27, 2020

A weekend of one-on-one “speed dating” meetings, networking, and golf or fishing to connect growth-stage companies with investment professionals.

Capital Event Conferences is pleased to host the Muskoka Capital Conference at the JW Marriott Rosseau Muskoka Resort & Spa, in Minett, Ontario from Sept 25-27, 2020.  The conference introduces growth companies (Resource, Technology, Biotech, Special Situations) to active top-level capital finance individuals through a day of scheduled one-on-one meetings.

To enquire about eligibility, please apply now.


JW Marriott Rosseau Muskoka Resort & Spa

1050 Paignton House Rd
Minett, ONT P0B 1G0

Set high on a bluff overlooking picturesque Lake Rosseau and situated next to the shoreline, is the luxury resort called “The Rosseau” – Canada’s first JW Marriott Resort & Spa. Offering surroundings of comfortable luxury, this JW Marriott resort in Muskoka will appeal to those seeking a unique atmosphere in a grand hotel setting.

Friday, Sept 25

Arrival & Welcome Reception

Settle in & enjoy Ontario’s lake country. Please join us for a Welcome Cocktail Reception from 6:30pm-8:30pm.

Saturday, Sept 26

One-On-One Meetings

Get to know new issuers and investors through a series of scheduled one-on-one, 20-minute meetings.

Sunday, Sept 27

Activity & Departure

Join us for a fun networking activity (details below) and say goodbye until next time.

Networking Activity

Golf Tournament at The Rock

The Rock Golf Course, designed by legendary golfer Nick Faldo, is located along the shores of beautiful Lake Rosseau. Utilizing the site’s dynamic topography, the 6,649 yard course is carved tight, with narrow tree-lined fairways and sloping greens that wind through rock outcroppings and rolling hills. An enjoyable course for golfers of all levels, The Rock boasts natural hazards and challenges that reward accuracy, strategy and playability – a tribute to Faldo’s abilities as “the shot-maker”.


Fishing Derby on Lake Rosseau

Fish the shoes of Lake Rosseau with the pros! Compete in teams of 3 for the longest fish in this winner-takes-all tournament. You’ll be equipped with the best in gear and bait, while a pro fisherman will guide you through Roseau’s most active hotspots to help you reel in ‘the big one’.

What Our Pasts Guests Say

Issuer Testimonials

  • “Always a class event. It's a strong platform for us to tell our story to open ears.”

    CBLT Inc.
  • “After years of attending a variety of conferences and road shows, I found this event to be particularly productive and efficient for us.  The Meetings were well coordinated and I truly appreciated the attention to detail ranging from printed schedules and attendee profiles to precise time management, which ensured we had sufficient time with each of the attendees.  I feel we were able to effectively increase awareness of Company’s activities.”

    Revett Mining Company Vancouver, BC
  • “The Capital Event team did a good job of connecting issuers with quality investors. I believe this event will drive trading volume on our stock. Thanks! We look forward to your future conferences”.

    Siyata Mobile Inc. Toronto, ON
  • “This was an intense conference allowing us to introduce our company to new potential shareholders. At the same time we also had time to spend time with these potential shareholders and get to know them on a personal level. Best conference I have ever had the opportunity to participate in”.

    New Age Metals Islands of Rockport, TX
  • “Very pleased with the quality of investors I met.”

    Northern Graphite Corp.
  • “Capital Event has provided us with an opportunity to establish strong retail relationships. By attending multiple events we are able to demonstrate our growth by setting milestones at one conference, and meeting them by the next.”

    Supreme Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  • “Where else can you get 18 quality meetings in one day at fabulous venues. Very well organized.”

    New Age Metals Inc.
  • “The Muskoka 2017 conference was our first event. I came away impressed with the quality of the people I met with at the reception and more importantly the meetings. I plan on attending future events.”

    Idaho Champion Resources LLC
  • “An intense event that wastes no time getting down to business. It is well worth the trip and very effective.”

    Ashanti Gold Corp.
  • “It was rewarding for our Company to be selected as a small cap innovator and participate at the 1st Annual AlphaNorth Capital Conference in the Bahamas. It was great for our corporate visibility, there were more than twenty valuable face-to-face meetings with qualified brokers and funds looking for new investment ideas. The Capital Event Team are very professional and dedicated.“

    NovX21 Inc.
  • “Having attended 3 Capital Events over the last year, the value that comes from these events is worth the investment. Capital Events Conferences are not only a fun endeavour, but I must say the quality of the investors has been great. The last 2017 event we attended in the Bahamas resulted in follow on meetings that supported the close of another $1.7 Million to our raise.”

    BetterU Education Corp. Ottawa, ON
  • “In the past six months I have had the pleasure of participating in Capital Event Conferences. Capital Conferences Events have been excellent forums for meeting many new investors and building upon already established relationships. I have been impressed by the real interest from the qualified investors present and pleased to see the meetings translate to volume in our stock in subsequent weeks and months. Crucially, the events are exceptionally well run providing issuers and investors plenty of face time in both formal and informal settings allowing each to build up a rapport and trust – the kind of reputational capital that extends well beyond just the people met at the conferences.”

    IsoEnergy Ltd. - NexGen Energy Ltd. Vancouver, BC
  • “A wonderful opportunity to introduce our story to the market and serious players in the market.”

    NX Gold Ltd. Vancouver, BC
  • “Very pleased with the event, well worth the money, and the best organized event I have ever attended. Clearly designed by people who understand the sales process and relationship development. Numerous tools were provided in order to aid in follow-up which is crucial.”

    Colibri Resource Corp. Ottawa, ON
  • “As always, the Capital Events team put on an exceptional event with very solid companies and investors with legitimate interest and money to put to work. We will definitely work with them again in the future and expect to see the same type of positive results we have from Whistler 2017.”

    Metallic Minerals Corp. Vancouver, BC
  • “Great and productive time and fantastic meetings at a first-class venue...Will definitely attend next year!”

    Rockhaven Resources Ltd. Vancouver, BC
  • “This was our first time attending a Capital Event Conference and we were impressed with how well the event was organized as well as with the quality of investors that we met with. It was a great forum for us to expand our audience - we had 18 meetings and 16 of those meetings were brand new to our story.”

    Midas Gold Corp. Vancouver, BC
  • “I can honestly say that the Whistler Capital Conference had a tangible return the very next day and in the 4 to 5 days after it was more than 15 fold.”

    Altiplano Minerals Ltd. Vancouver, BC
  • “We had a great experience meeting prospective investors. The event allowed us to network with investors we didn't have meetings with originally and found time outside the scheduled meetings to meet and pitch.”

    Peekaboo Beans Inc. Vancouver, BC
  • “Well organized and very professional.”

    Jackpot Digital Inc. Toronto, ON
  • “Every single meeting had smart — and engaged — participants.”

    Antibe Therapeutics Inc. Toronto, ON
  • “Excellent opportunity to make worthwhile & relevant contacts.”

    Bonneo Sparkling Beverage System Ottawa, ON
  • “Public companies must show investors they are resourceful and determined. Capital Events is the perfect forum to meet and foster investors relationships.”

    Lomiko Metals Inc. Vancouver, BC
  • “Excellent conference! I was extremely impressed with the level of organization of the Capital Event Team! Well done. First class, all the way. Well done! I am especially impressed with the fact that we were provided with the contact info for all of the investors. Thank you, we will definitely be attending again.”

    MX Gold Corp. Vancouver, BC
  • “We found the conference to be an excellent way to meet engaged investors in a short period of time. It was very professionally run and one of the best conferences I attended in 2016. The Capital Event team took care of every detail. I just showed up and met investors who were invested in my company.”

    iAnthus Capital Management New York, NY
  • “In my opinion CEM provides an ideal forum for small cap companies looking for new investors. With their "speed dating format" They have created an efficient environment matching real investors seeking new ideas from various issuers looking to expand their shareholder base. SITO has cultivated several new loyal shareholders from these Conferences and we will continue to prioritize this series in our outreach strategy. ”

    SITO Mobile Jersey City, NJ
  • “A wonderful event with quality people. An event where real connections are made. Because of the one on one environment for the meetings you can really tailor your presentation to each potential investor and you can be immediate and concise with your answers to specific questions or concerns. We will definitely be back.”

    NetCents Systems Ltd. Vancouver, BC
  • “Being new to attending a Capital Event Management, we were not sure what to expect. We walked out having 18 very successful meetings, and made many new contacts, associates and friends. I would highly recommend this to any serious issuer that has an attractive product. Great job to everyone at Capital Event Management.”

    Drone Delivery Canada Toronto, ON
  • "A well-structured and efficiently run conference that connected us with some real investors."

    First Mining Finance Corp. Vancouver, BC
  • ‘This event was one of the most well run events I've ever been to! Every meeting showed up on time and the caliber of meetings was fantastic!’

    Rentmoola Payment Solutions Inc. Vancouver, BC
  • “An excellent conference and very efficient way of meeting 20 qualified advisors and investors.”

    Tinkerine Studios Ltd. Vancouver, BC
  • “I have attended multiple Capital Event Management conferences and can attest to the fact that their format provides issuers with an unparalleled experience relative to other marketing events while the quality of investors that they attract has always been exceptional.”

    Zenith Energy Ltd. Calgary, AB
  • "Capital Event Management (CEM) did an excellent job organizing the Whistler Capital Conference, certainly an event we will attend in the future. It’s an innovative and smaller venue, preferred by the funds and advisors who attended in comparison to larger conferences. In one day, we met with 20 different quality funds, all new to the NOVAGOLD story. This was an efficient and productive use of our resources.”

    NOVAGOLD Resources Vancouver, BC
  • “Thank you for a productive and well-organized event over the weekend. Great format and an easy way to meet qualified brokers and funds. I will be signing up again next year!”

    Nevsun Resources Ltd. Vancouver, BC
  • "We have done several CEM conferences. The accommodations and events are always top notch. We presented at eighteen meetings in one day and now we have eighteen new investment advisors monitoring and or participating in our company's progress, that's value. We see this evolving into the new trend of investor conferences and CEM is leading the way. The 2014 CEM tour is included in our IR budget."

    Dynacor Gold Mines Inc. Vancouver, BC
  • "Thanks very much for a very productive and well-organized event over the weekend. This was definitely an efficient use of our time!”

    Hunter Dickinson Group. Vancouver, BC
  • "Capital Event Management delivered a first-class opportunity to connect with qualified financial professionals in a very enjoyable setting. I highly recommend this conference to any company that is looking to broaden their awareness amongst significant fund managers and brokers."

    Podium Ventures Calgary, AB
  • “This is by far the best financing conference we have ever attended. The unique format balances the need for quality exchanges between companies and financiers while at the same time allowing both groups to be exposed to a large number of opportunities. It is definitely an event we will attend again.”

    PyroGenesis Canada Inc. Calgary, AB
  • "Once again, Capital Event Management has created a premium environment for junior companies to engage top tier brokers and fund managers. We will continue to recommend and attend these Capital Conferences."

    Commerce Resources Corp. Vancouver, BC
  • “The Whistler Capital Conference we attended was well worth the expense. One-on-one meetings with 16 quality brokers and wealth managers over the course of a day, as well as the exceptional social events; was worth two or three days on the road… and they came to us! Well done Capital Event Management. See you at your next event.”

    Formation Metals Inc. Vancouver, BC
  • “I was glad to have been included. I thought the conference set up was excellent. The one on one strategy for the meetings I thought provided more value than just talking to a room of 50 people.”

    Eurocontrol Technics Group Inc. Toronto, ON
  • "We have attended 4 Capital Events conferences now, over the past three years, the value that comes from these events is worth the investment. Capital Events Conferences are “Quality over quantity”,  I must say the investors have been great for Bonterra Resources. The last 2017 event we attended in Montreal was outstanding, resulting in follow up meetings with sincere interested investors in BTR!"

    Bonterra Resources Vancouver, BC
  • “We have had success in raising over $1.8 in funds from investors met at your conferences along with developing some very key contacts and relationships.”

    Margaux Resources Ltd.
  • “We have attended many shows. The Capital Event Conferences are by far way above the competition. No comparison. We met people engaged in our meetings that had never met with us or knew our story. If you are an investor or Public company I can say this is a valuable way to spend some of your time.”

    Wealth Minerals Ltd.
  • “As usual, the meetings were exceptional. Serious investors and money managers who are there to hear your story. Again, we are coming away with a number of quality leads after a quality event with unquestionable ROI.”

    Metallic Minerals Inc.
  • “The best format to meet a boat load of investors in one day. We always find to get great traction after attending a Capital Events Conference. We will be back!”

    Peekaboo Beans Inc.
  • “For a newly listed company it is a great way to get out in front with many new investors in a short period of time.”

    Better U
  • “Capital Events are very high quality, organized and has brought our company immediate value both in financing commitments as well as market participation.”

    Secova Metals Corp.
  • “This conference is all about timing...from the issuers side, they have a timely story that needs to be heard...from the investors side, they have capital and want to invest in good opportunities. The Capital Events Team puts these people together.”

    Rockhaven Resources Ltd.
  • “Great Event for quick access - 20 minutes x 20 meetings - all in one day to multiple investment professionals at multiple firms. To know where you fit into the market place as an issuer " company" of interest or not is very important. The quality of interaction was amazing.”

    Luminor Medical Technologies Inc.
  • "We have attended two Capital Event Management (CEM) conferences and came away with a multitude of new investors both times. We look forward to adding to the list of new investors at future CEM conferences."

    Marlin Gold Mining Ltd. Vancouver, BC
  • “Capital Events continues to beat expectations. As a returning issuer, we were extremely pleased to meet a whole new group of contacts and potential investors. CEM provides a well-structured, organized, event that facilitates a mix of professional and casual meetings. We acknowledge and appreciate the hard work to put on such a great conference and look forward to the next event to expand our portfolio of contacts.”

    NetCents Technology Inc. Vancouver, BC
  • “The event was well put together and exceeded our expectations for gathering our market research for the Pre-IPO round.”

    Permex Petroleum Corporation Vancouver, BC
  • “Most fun I have had in pitching to investors, love the speed dating!”

    NextLeaf Solutions Ltd Vancouver, BC
  • An intense event that wastes no time getting down to business. It is well worth the trip and very effective.

    Wealth Minerals Ltd Vancouver, BC
  • “The team at Capital Event Management truly take the time to ensure that each company present gets the most of out of their experience. And it doesn't stop there; you are provided all of the post-show details and support to follow up with your leads and really get the most value possible.”

    Friday Night Inc. Vancouver, BC
  • “If you’re raising money, don’t waste your time setting up a booth, where there’s 500 other booths, and wait for someone to walk by. I’ve always been an advocate of the one-on-one format of these conferences. Then you also get to have lunch, dinner, and network with them outside the meetings and follow up. Getting them to know you as a person will pay off.”

    Trilogy Metals Vancouver, BC
  • “The format is intense – but it’s great. It gets your face in front of new people, and it’s great value for money. Because of the conference, we were able to meet a new set of institutions that probably wouldn’t have looked at us otherwise.”

    The Green Organic Dutchman Toronto, ON
  • “We’ve been spending a lot of time on gaining institutional investment and the show exposed us to a new crowd of retail investors – those that have smaller offices in more remote areas that we normally wouldn’t travel to see. It was nice to see so many Investment Advisors in one place. It takes a few times meeting someone before you get the sale, so it’s important to follow up and continue to tell the story.”

    Patriot One Technologies Inc. Vancouver, BC
  • “Excellent conference with very focused meetings with engaged brokers and investors!”

    Eastmain Resources Inc. Toronto, ON
  • “This was a very good event to get our company name out there in the investor community and start generating more interest in our company.”

    Atlas Growers Ltd. Edmonton, AB
  • “Another excellent show for Phivida at the Capital Events Conference in Montreal. A great opportunity to share our story and build long term relationships with top quality capital market experts and private investors.”

    Phivida Holdings Inc. Vancouver, BC
  • “We participated in the April 2018 conference in Scottsdale and the event gave us access to exactly the kinds of investors that we are looking to attract through a very convenient and effective format. The subsequent Gunnison Copper Project site tour was extremely well attended with a large percentage of the investors who attended the conference.  We have seen a sizable increase in our daily trading volume since the Scottsdale event and we certainly plan to return next year.”

    Excelsior Mining Corp. Phoenix, AZ
  • “Each event has a great array of investors, different every time which really increase the value of the entire Capital Events circuit!”

    Ashanti Gold Corp. Vancouver, BC
  • “Another top-notch event in terms of attendees, organization, location and connections. We met with real, savvy investors looking to put money to work and would expect to add a good number to our shareholder base.”

    Metallic Minerals Corp. Vancouver, BC
  • “By far the best organized and investor focused show I've ever attended. Investors are real people who are not trying to sell you anything and are truly interested in learning about your company. This is the most highly recommended show based on our experience.”

    Synergy CHC Corp. Westbrook, ME
  • “This was our second attendance at the Capital Events Conference, and yet again the event surpassed our expectations. We look forward in attending many more upcoming events.”

    Permex Petroleum Corp. Vancouver, BC
  • “One of the best ways we have found to meet new REAL investors.”

    Excelsior Mining Corp. Phoenix, AZ
  • “Bahamas 2018 provided our company with a fantastic group of new investment institutions and professionals to share our story. We recognized immediate ROI; and two weeks later are still scheduling meetings and follow-up with new potential stakeholders in our ventures' future growth”

    Victory Square Technologies Vancouver, BC
  • “The conference provides the human connection element that is lost in this rapidly evolving digital world.  It gives Investors and Businesses the opportunity to meet face to face and get to know the people behind the email address which is so very important while making financial decisions.”

    Friday Night Inc. Vancouver, BC
  • “Best way for busy tech company to spend a day marketing and meeting new people.  CE group super organized and actually care about issuers having success.”

    Deveron UAS Corp. Toronto, ON
  • “The AlphaNorth Capital Conference is by far the best opportunity for well qualified issuers and investors to meet and network opportunities.”

    OneFeather Victoria, BC
  • “First class event. Perfect setting to forge new relationships and nurture existing ones. Many benefits to be derived from this conference for issuers and investors alike. Amazing conference put together by an amazing group!”

    WeedMD Toronto, ON
  • “Very well organized event that gets issuers story in the hands of potential investors across the country when they otherwise may never have heard of it creating new opportunities that end up providing value to the investor and the issuer.”

    iLOOKABOUT Corp. London, ON
  • “The Alpha North event attracts serious investors who DO write checks if issuers prove to be solid investments. This is an extremely inexpensive event for issuers seeking to close non brokered financing rounds.”

    Pistil Partners Inc. Montreal, QC
  • “We have attended many of the CEM events and they are always well managed with a very efficient meeting schedule.  Huge ROI for issuers and we will continue to attend.”

    1933 Industries Inc. Vancouver, BC
  • “We had the opportunity to meet with many US and Canadian funds and retail advisers who we hadn't previously known, and we've already received good follow up in the markets.”

    The Tinley Beverage Company Inc. Los Angeles, CA
  • “For public company issuers looking to make face to face contact with qualified professional investors who have the unique perspective required in the Microcap market, there is no better forum for your time and money.”

    XORTX Therapeutics Inc. Toronto, ON
  • “The rumors are true! I made more contacts at AlphaNorth than I have in the past year on my own. A “Must Go” for new and existing issuers!”

    ParcelPal Technology Inc. Vancouver, BC
  • “I thought the event was an excellent use of time. Investor attending the event were very well qualified.”

    The Yield Growth Corp. Vancouver, BC
  • “The Whistler Capital Conference is very well run. We feel the speed dating format ensures you are making the most of the conference. The attendees were very qualified investors. Great Job Guys!”

    Hemptown Organics Corp. Vancouver, BC
  • “Outstanding conference I would highly recommend.”

    Blue Sky Uranium Corp. Vancouver, BC
  • “The Whistler Conference was well attended and very well organized. Socializing events and cocktails allow to strengthen relationship and meet additional contacts. Very pleased with the event, will recommend and attend again.”

    Radisson Mining Resources Inc. Montreal, QC
  • “All attendees and investors we met with were germane to our business. This was a great forum for focused building of our network.”

    Sixty North Gold Mining Ltd. Vancouver, BC
  • “Capital Event delivers exactly what we are looking for: Direct conversations with qualified investors/advisors who can buy the stock. It's a full day of intense pitches, with just the right amount of socializing/networking to compliment the pitch sessions. We will be back!”

    RavenQuest BioMed, Inc. Vancouver, BC
  • “The Capital Conference is the most efficient and focused investors conference available with a balance of professional meetings and casual networking.”

    Grown Rogue International Inc. Santa Barbara, CA
  • “An extremely well run and comfortable conference. A great atmosphere with lots of interest.”

    The Wonderfilm Media Corp. Vancouver, BC
  • “This was my second conference. Extremely well organized. Good potential investors. Very well run.”

    Hut 8 Mining Corp. Toronto, ON
  • “Excellent environment for meeting interested current investors, as well building interest for significant PP in the future. Meetings were extremely well run with more than enough time beyond the formal 18- 20 minute sessions to network and follow up with interest investors.”

    Imagin Medical, Inc. Framingham, MA
  • “Despite the state of the market, CEM's conferences are worth attending relative to the investor contacts you gain. "Best bang for your buck."

    SilverCrest Metals Inc. Vancouver, BC
  • “This was our first time attending the Florida Capital Conference and we were very impressed. The conference was very well-organized and the meetings were high-quality and impactful. This was a good use of management's time and we will be attending future events.”

    Mandalay Resources Corp. Toronto, ON
  • “Always great to attend a well organized Capital Conference with many quality investors.”

    MediPharm Labs Corp. Barrie, ON
  • “I had a great time at the Okanagan Capital Event Conference. The meetings were exceptional due to the 1 on 1 nature, allowing a deep dive into the business model and highlighting our key information. Besides that, being able to develop business relationships and friendships with numerous people across Canada is why this event was such a success in my eyes.”

    Neptune Dash Technologies Vancouver, BC
  • “This is a great way to reach a focused and attentive audience.”

    Pacific Ridge Exploration Ltd. Vancouver, BC
  • “I found the Okanagan Conference to be perfectly sized. Big enough to be effective, small enough to be personal. And all of that in a beautiful setting.”

    Sun Metals Corp. Vancouver, BC
  • “Excellent conference with very focused meetings with engaged brokers and investors!”

    Eastmain Resources Inc. Toronto, ON
  • “This was a very good event to get our company name out there in the investor community and start generating more interest in our company.”

    Atlas Growers Ltd. Edmonton, AB
  • “There is a healthy mix of all ages, experience levels, and positions that show up to the events. With the event's they didn't feel forced, and networking was natural.”

    Neptune Dash Technologies Corp. Vancouver, BC
  • “Capital Events does a good job at screening investors so we were able to connect with an audience that was largely genuinely interested in our story”

    Cabral Gold Ltd. Vancouver, BC
  • “Great organization, and as a result the day is very effective.”

    Wealth Minerals Ltd. Vancouver, BC
  • “This was my first 1 on 1 meeting experience. I really like the process, you have 20 minutes to get to know each other. The first 10 minutes you get to give them an overview on your project, (you can tell if you like it or not) but also the last 10 minutes to find out what the investor is looking for and get to know the. If the timing is not right this time maybe down the road there will be a good fit.”

    Berkwood Resources Ltd. Vancouver, BC
  • “The conference was very well organized and the structure was extremely efficient.”

    Netcoins Inc. Vancouver, BC
  • “There is no better way to meet quality investors in a short period of time. The organization and facilitation for this to happen is superb and a 2 minute warning announcement keeps the day moving right on time!”

    American Aires Inc. Vaughan, ON
  • “Well organized, well attended, the Capital Event team does a good job vetting serious investors.”

    Enforcer Gold Corp. Toronto, ON
  • “Well organized, well run and well attended. The intense speed dating format gave us a lot of real time feedback which helped sharpen our presentation substantially all in a day.”

    Next Green Wave Vancouver, BC
  • “We have attended almost 10 different events and they are one of the only conferences where we actually see some immediate buying in the markets.”

    Western Copper and Gold Corp. Vancouver, BC
  • "Once again the Capital Event team held a well structured Investment Conference (Whistler 2018) where all attendees derived some major benefits from the well attended event.”

    New Age Metals inc. Rockport, ON
  • “Capital Event Management does an excellent job pairing quality investors with interesting small cap companies”.

    Victory Square Technologies Vancouver, BC
  • “Very well organized, very pleasant, and an extremely efficient use of time to reach good investors”.

    Antibe Therapeutics Toronto, ON
  • “This year's 2018 Nassau Conference was one of the best ones yet. There was a great cross-section of investors for our Company to meet with. Since our return, we have booked follow-up meetings with 90% of the solid leads generated at the show”.

    NeutriSci International Calgary, AB
  • “The event was well planned and organized. Maximum use of time was definitely a priority and the manner in which it was run allowed this. A very professionally organized event with many quality investors”.

    Mineworx Technologies Port Coquitlam, BC
  • “The Conference style is like speed dating for capital markets exposure. Having pounded the pavement and travelled extensively on road shows, this event is the most efficient way to spend your time resources and money. From the beginning the Capital Events team ensures you maximize your exposure by understanding your business and suggesting the proper event destination, and not wasting your money, by sending you to an event that isn’t meant for your sector of business. Secondly they curate a carefully crafted balance of Brokers, Private Investors, Institutions, Funds, and Bankers to give a great cross section of exposure, who are fundamentally coming to make investments. Lastly, they make it fun. Personally from my first two events, I closed $2.1 million in financing for my business Peekaboo Beans (TSXV:BEAN) and I am confident I will bring more capital, and exposure to my stock and company during my most recent trip.”

    Peekaboo Beans Inc. Vancouver, BC
  • “Thank you for an outstanding job. The entire weekend was well organized and the quality of investors was very high. Thank you again and making us feel so welcome!”

    Venzee Inc.
  • “Great opportunity to knock off 20 meetings with new contacts that would typically take months to set up. Amazing use of time for any senior management team.”

    Deveron UAS Corp.
  • “When quality meets quality usually good things happen. The Event allowed interested parties to come together. it was by far the best, intense, well run event I have been part of. thanks for the opportunity.”

    Rockcliff Copper Corp.
  • “The Capital Event Conference in Muskoka was extremely useful. We met all new investors and we could tell by their questions that they were interested in our business model.”

    First Mining Finance Corp.
  • “These conferences have been our best IR investment to date, we've built great and lasting relationships.”

    Supreme Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  • “These conferences are evolutionary in terms of packaging a tremendous amount of value into a limited amount of time. In a market environment where investor communication funds need to be prudently spent, the ‘short meeting’ format shows a real return on investment for us. We meet more qualified, accredited, interested investors in one day through Capital Events than we could do in a week on the road on our own. These precise, well organized, efficient, valuable conferences are a “must add” to any company’s investor communication plan.”

    Great Panther Silver Ltd.
  • "If you are looking to meet investors and advisors there's no better format than 1:1 meetings. The preparation was evident at the Capital Event Conference and the execution flawless."

  • “Rare chance to meet maximum number relevant investors for the Canadian small cap universe. Plus, you get unfettered one on one time to make a connection, if you use the time wisely.”

    Telo Genomics Corp. Toronto, ON
  • “The AlphaNorth Conference was an engaging event that allowed us to reconnect and meet with a variety of investors. The weekend allowed for regular and relaxed engagement and discussion.”

    The Gaming Stadium Vancouver, BC
  • “This was my first Capital Conference and I was very impressed with everything. The organization of the event showed me every single detail was looked after. The quality of the people I met was outstanding and I am confident some deals will come out of this. All in all I had a great time and am very excited to come back.”

    The Gaming Stadium Vancouver, BC
  • “Fantastically well run event - jam-packed speed dating with quality investors!”

    Luckbox Vancouver, BC
  • “This must be my fifth time coming to the AlphaNorth Bahamas event and I am always impressed on how each time I come, I walk away with NEW solid leads and contacts for the story.”

    Antibe Therapeutics Inc. and Medicenna Therapeutics Corp. Toronto, ON
  • “Great investors and quality companies.”

    RESAAS Services Inc. Vancouver, BC
  • "A well organized and cost effective event to tell your Company's message out to qualified investors."

    Algernon Pharmaceuticals Inc. Vancouver, BC
  • “A very well run, well targeted event. The caliber of the investors present was impressive. We'll be sure to attend future Capital Event Conferences!”

    Cardiol Therapeutics Inc. Oakville, ON
  • “The AlphaNorth Capital Conference provides unique and unparalleled access to a range of investors primed to listen and focus on our mission and value proposition. We get more rapid and candid feedback from investors in a day than we do in a typical month of "normal" investor meetings.”

    Venzee Technologies, Inc. Vancouver, BC
  • “AlphaNorth Conference gives us access to new, vetted investors who have a genuine interest in finding new issuers to potentially invest in. There’s no other platform to meet 20+ investors one on one in a given day. Will continue to attend in the future!”

    FansUnite Entertainment Inc. Vancouver, BC
  • “As a technology-based issuer, we found that this conference attracted sophisticated investors who understood our business and value proposition. This was of great value in making contacts and raising the visibility of our business.”

    Aurora Solar Technologies Inc. North Vancouver, BC
  • “The AlphaNorth conference is a high quality event with pre-screened HNW retail investors, retail brokers and institutions with an appetite for micro and small cap companies. We will definitely be sure to allocate time for future Capital Event conferences.”

    Datametrex AI Limited Toronto, ON
  • “This conference exposed our company to a network if investors we never would have uncovered on our own.”

    Exro Technologies Inc. Vancouver, BC
  • The Whistler event was clearly positive. We had good feedback to echo that which you got. There is zero doubt that we found incremental buying coming out of the event. A great first Capital Event Conference  for us.

    Northern Dynasty Minerals 
  • “The Whistler Capital Conference 2020 proved to be an excellent venue for reaching out to new investors. It was a very comfortable venue with ample time to relax in addition to a well-planned meeting schedule. We found the investors to be very approachable and genuinely interested in hearing our story. A number of our best contacts were made during the networking and down times rather than the formal meetings. All in all it was a very well planned and executed conference.”

    Desert Mountain Energy Corp. Vancouver, BC
  • “I have attended several events with different issuers and the calibre of the investors has consistently been excellent with very few dud meetings”

    Imperial Helium Corp. Vancouver, BC
  • “This was our first visit to this event which we found to have perfected a very effective format that delivers a solid day of high quality meetings with carefully selected investors. There was a great atmosphere thanks to highly professional execution by the CEM team. An excellent experience.”

    Proxilogica Corporation Edmonton, AB
  • “As a resource issuer (Aben) I got a distinct impression that the broker community is pivoting toward the resource sector with enthusiasm.”

    Aben Resources Ltd. Vancouver, BC
  • “Attending investment conferences is an essential part of any investor relations program. The key is to be efficient and meet mostly pre-vetted interested parties. CEM conferences do exactly that. Will be back.”

    KWESST Inc. Montreal, QC
  • ‘Whistler is the place to be after VRIC - Keen audience!”

    Millrock Resources Inc. Vancouver, BC
  • “Golden Goliath Resources attended the Whistler event in Feb 2020 and found it excellent. Better than expected and promising. Well done”

    Golden Goliath Resources Ltd. Vancouver, BC
  • “Excellent quality of attendees, love that we get 36 contacts in addition to the 18 we met!”

    Nanalysis Scientific Corp. Vancouver, BC
  • “The meeting format delivers the goods. They get quality investors. It’s a highly effective format!”

    Cardiol Therapeutics Inc. Oakville, ON
  • “I usually don't believe attending conferences actually gain you any traction, this is absolutely not the case. It is a great opportunity to knock out 20 back to back meetings with quality investors looking for solid companies. I have already scheduled 10 follow up meetings since the event. Kudos to the CEM Team, they have this down to an art and science.”

    ParcelPal Technology, Inc. Vancouver, BC
  • “The conference format works great for connecting investors and companies very effectively. Quick meetings to make the initial connection and establish whether there is a fit to follow-up after the conference.”

    Dunnedin Ventures Inc. Vancouver, BC
  • “Second conference, first was great, this was even better. They do a fabulous job keeping the day moving. Overall is a great networking opportunity both formally and informally. Made well over a dozen new contacts.”

    Granada Gold Mine Inc. Coquitlam, BC

Investor Testimonials

  • “I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I have been on many mutual fund events, but never one in which I was meeting the company representatives directly, and be able to talk directly with them, share their enthusiasm in their projects and learn so much from some very innovative and results-driven people. The event was indeed an eye opener, and my take-away was about 5-6 companies in which I would like to delve deeper for the investment opportunities they represent for my clients. Thank you so much for the opportunity to attend the conference and for being such a good host!”

    BMO Nesbitt Burns
  • "I got a month worth of meetings in a day. I thought the variety of companies was worthwhile and the quick one-on-one were to the point and enough time to get the information needed to see if the opportunity was worth pursuing further."

    Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management Vancouver, BC
  • “The face-to-face format proves its effectiveness in identifying mutual benefits. I am able to deliver valuable information to my retail clients immediately.”

    Mackie Research Capital Vancouver, BC
  • “Through the Capital Event Conferences I have been able to meet many different issuers that I was not aware of previously. The one-on-one format allows the investor to have the undivided attention of the issuer so they can focus on what metrics are important to them. These conferences have become a necessary part of idea generation and networking for our company.”

    AlphaNorth Asset Management Toronto, ON
  • “This Whistler CEM event yielded the best trading ideas of any of the conferences I have done. I had 18 scheduled meetings and 4 unscheduled meetings and I came out with 12 buy ideas.  Well worth my time to travel cross country!”

    Richardson GMP Kitchener, ON

frequently asked questions

How much is it to attend a Capital Event Conference?
Each event varies depending on location and venue. As well there are discounts for multiple events. Capital Event Conferences offer tremendous value when compared to the standard costs of conducting an investor road show and offer an intimate environment in which to develop relationships. Please contact us direct for costs and packages.
What type of investors will I be meeting?

CEM investors are comprised of retail brokers, portfolio and fund managers, institutional investors, family offices and high net worth/accredited investors. We do not bring out analysts, investment bankers or marketing individuals.

How many meetings can I expect?

You will have 18 x 20 minute one-on-one meetings running from approximately 9-5pm. You will also meet several other investors during the networking portions of the event.

What is included in my registration fee?

The standard all-inclusive fee includes includes the meetings, two night’s accommodation, food & beverage, and networking activity for one delegate. Each additional delegate incurs an additional fee.

Do I need a booth?

You are provided with a draped off 10 foot wide by 8 foot deep meeting area with signage, table, chairs & electricity. Most issuers bring a pull-up banner or two to dress up the meeting area.

What materials should my company bring?

As you are doing 18 one on ones and will meet additional investors around the event, we suggest bringing 25 investor packages. Presentations vary from utilizing printed materials, to laptop or LCD presentations, to product demonstrations. Remember you have 20 minutes to get your story across to the investor.

Can I bring my spouse/family/guests?

Absolutely. Many issuers and investors will include guests with them at the event. Guests are welcome at the opening night cocktail reception, post-conference dinner, and networking activity. Additional charges apply only to networking activity.

How can I maximize my return on investment by participating?

Ensure proper follow-up is conducted. CEM events are relationship building exercises. You must follow up on the meetings that went well and keep in touch to develop and build upon relationships struck at the event. This will ensure the conference will be paid for many times over.

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